The Austrian Association for Cultural Relations (AACR) is a non-profit organisation which wants to enrich the lives of those eager to learn and improve, above all on a cultural and educational level.

It was founded in 2022 by the two sisters Claudia and Michaela Almer, with the vision of bringing about a change in their local environments and spreading the news about the multitude of educational and self-improvement opportunities as well as cultural exchange experiences the EU has to offer.

We want to preserve cultural diversity, empower young people, counsel individuals who want to participate in learning experiences abroad, promote intercultural dialogues and create a space for the sustainable and respectful exchange of knowledge and skills, on a local as well as international level.

Our vision

We dream of making this world a bit better, a bit happier and a bit fairer. And we want to start with you – we believe that every individual should have the same rights and access to education, human rights and to a happy and healthy life. We also believe that every human being has a lot of potential, special knowledge and skills to share with others, as well as room for self-improvement. We hope that you will  join us on our mission and get active within the many opportunities which you might not have known existed.

Our vision is a world of intercultural exchange, of respectful and peaceful cooperation, of celebrating diversity, of curiosity and openness to learn from each other, of equal rights and opportunities for everyone, of physical and mental wellbeing, of open discussions on eye level, of caring for each other and for the environment that we live in.

In order to reach our vision, we want to offer you the following activities:
– provision of a space for individuals with different backgrounds, cultures and opinions to exchange ideas
– dissemination of information regarding Erasmus+, European Solidarity Corps, volunteering, going abroad, etc.
– supporting and preparing those who want to go abroad and helping integrate those who come to Austria
– organising workshops, lectures, conferences, seminars and suchlike encounters on topics like arts and culture, diversity, international relations, geopolitics, human rights, science and research and sustainability
– promoting and organising events and festivals for cultural exchange as well as the conservation of traditions
– holding lectures and workshops in educational institutions
– organising open discussion forums on changing topics, with and without specialists in the field
– communal excursions and use of existing cultural services (museum visits, theatre plays, etc.)

If you have any suggestions or ideas for activities you want us to implement, or that you want to lead yourself, do not hesitate to contact us with your proposal! We live from the active participation of the community!