The two founding sisters – Claudia and Michaela – come from a rural area near the city of Tulln an der Donau in Austria. They decided to spread the word about the manifold opportunities the European Union has to offer to young individuals, disadvantaged people, NEETโ€™s, young entrepreneurs and anyone else alike, after they returned to Austria from their long-term volunteering experiences abroad. They both participated in various projects funded by the European Union, and want to especially encourage other young people from rural areas, those with fewer opportunities or with a migration background to participate in international exchanges, become active in European democratic life and be ambassadors of their own culture and diversity.


Claudia Almer has been working for the Austrian Red Cross for the last three years. Her heart beats for environmental and sustainability topics and she continuously searches for opportunities to get active. She did her long-term ESC volunteering project in Italy working with refugees and migrants and simultaneously volunteered for the Civil Protection.

In general, Claudia enjoys filling her free time with non-formal educational projects, solo-travel and outdoor sports.

Languages: German, English, Italian


Michaela Almer became active in the volunteering field during her ESC project in Iceland in 2020, during which she actively engaged in the countryโ€™s reforestation efforts. Until now she has been working in a tree nursery with disabled people, showing her love for nature and learning how to lead groups in a challenging environment.

Michaela is passionate about topics like queer history, gender norms and anything related to being in nature. Languages: German, English